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Jonas Gerard
Asheville, NC

Carmen Torruella-Quander
Washington, DC​​

Monica Dodson
Washington, DC​​

Gloria C. Kirk
Washington, DC​​

Hubert Jackson
Colonial Beach, VA​​

Tu-Kwon Thomas
Fredericksburg, VA​​

Adrienne Cook
Sterling, VA​​

Aisha Faison

Mitchellville, MD

Gabby Nobody

Visual Artist

LaToya Finney

Lanham, MD

Wanda Spence

Silver Spring, VA

Hi Carolyn!


I just wanted to thank you so very deeply for including me in the Golden exhibition.  It was such a wonderful experience for me- one I never thought possible.  Everyone I met was just incredibly kind to this out-of-towner and I will relish this for all my lasting days!  What a beautiful city with such beautiful people!  I wish you all the very everlasting best!!!


Michelle Filiau

Chicopee, MA



Carolyn is a curator of high esteem. Her method for transmitting knowledge is unparalleled.  Her personality is like a  smiling teddy bear stuffed with goodies to enhance our artistic growth.

I am more than grateful to the most dynamic curator, Carolyn Goodridge for inviting me to participate in the Light of the Ancestors Exhibition.  Your enthusiasm and talent were well demonstrated at all times. Your personality is as beautiful as your work.  You were so very motivating and inspiring. It was an exciting and colorful experience, and I look forward to future exhibitions.


Lois Moore-Blackwell
Columbia, MD

The show was phenomenal and way more than just an exhibit for me! Being my first featured exhibit, it was really an inspiring event. I came out PROUD to be a part of it! I so look forward to next year! I'm already working on new pieces! As a curator, you set the bar high for all curators, from your professionalism to quick responses to my many emails, you really are the phenomenal reflection of a phenomenal event.  

Alexandra Friend
Baltimore, MD

I just like to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of a life-changing art exhibition. It gave me great pleasure to participate with other amazing artists. You were an awesome curator for "Light of the Ancestors". I look forward to seeing your next exhibition.


Edwina "Sage" Washington
Colonial Beach, VA

As far as the Light of the Ancestor show, it was perfect. I truly do not know what you could have done differently. The only thing that could have been different, was a warmer time of year (Smile). 


Clement Bryant
Waldorf, MD

Testimonial for Video Services:


"Having a professional video created to showcase my work was a truly positive and inspiring experience that I would highly recommend. I was hesitant in the beginning because I didn't know what to expect, but Carolyn's skills, organization, and professionalism quickly dispelled any concerns. She made it very easy for me beginning the day of shooting the video all the way through the editing process and final product. Once I posted the video, I immediately began receiving amazing feedback.  Now I have a wonderful resource to utilize in a multitude of ways to promote myself and my work now and in the future.  It's the best money I've spent in a long time!"


Renee Nelson

White Plains, MD


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