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Shireen Thomas

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 (7 PM - 8:30 PM)

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Born to Syrian Christian, South Indian parents from Kerala, in another Southern Indian State named Tamilnadu! Grew up amongst families from various religious beliefs, therefore not very religious but betters to be a good human being!

Went to schools & colleges in an eastern State in India named Orissa & a western State in India named Maharashtra. Worked in Chennai, one of the metropolitan cities in India in the State of Tamilnadu for 15 years as a creative person (art) in leading advertising agencies.


I have been in America since 1999 and ever since, I have had time to explore various forms of art to express how I feel about the passion of seeing a cleaner, greener and healthier environment. I chose the medium of displaying my thoughts & artwork on pin-back buttons as a personal touch of how I feel & what I want to convey to the world and what can be done for a peaceful existence. 

Ever since I became a citizen to vote in America in 2008, I became part of history, for my first vote was a winner! I designed a button for myself which became a rage with my friends & colleagues and ever since I have never looked back and have continued to make educational, fun, pun buttons. 

If I didn’t have stage fright, I might as well be a stand-up comedian. I am not & therefore I work behind the scenes making use of my humor and artistic talent designing and making buttons that bring smiles and a few laughs. 

A Badass Show!

(Oct 27 - Nov 17, 2020)

The International Marble Gallery
a 3-D Virtual Experience


Shireen Thomas

USA / India

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