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Dr. Nina Soyfer

25 Art Works From Archangel Michael

October 2 - November 27, 2020

The Solar Atrium Gallery
(a 3-D virtual experience)

Live with Dr. Nina Soyfer

Saturday, November 21, 2020 (3 PM EST)

via Zoom

Nina Soyfer-Invitation.jpg


Dr. Nina Soyfer was born in Ukraine and left to live in Canada at the age of 17. She started art education at the age of 5, but her professional training took place after she entered university in 2001. By 2003 she won an international prize and training in Israel with the best of the best and was featured on live Radio in Telaviv with an exhibition, and with only 3 contestants selected from the whole country. She then exhibited and lectured on her art over 27 times in 2003 alone, and then continued professional career in Canada, and now is a published visual artist - with publishing based in America. Her art is commercially available through amazon and chapters.

Artist Statement

This exhibition is the culmination of Dr. Nina Soyfer's career. Being trained both traditionally and intuitively Dr. Nina Soyfer created her own style, fantasy-based, and soul-drive, which also includes several original techniques of gel and acrylic mixing. She holds a Ph.D. in teaching this style and has been painting to gather over 400 finished works by 2020. Dr. Soyfer lives and paints in Toronto, and some of her larger work can be seen on google maps in street view. Her art was also published on iTunes in her music albums. The art is her purpose for incarnating on Earth. Although she holds many degrees and is a multi-artist, art flows most effortlessly, without plans, without thinking - it is always there and she could paint forever. This passion is expressed in her collection 25 Art Works from Archangel Michael.


25 Artworks From Archangel Michael

October 2 - November 27, 2020
(a 3-D virtual experience)

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