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Noah Hartley

Creating For Conservation

Sept 4 - Oct 30, 2020 (Extended)

The Art Impact International Gallery
(a 3-D Virtual Experience)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 (7 PM EST)


Noah Hartley is a young artist from Gastonia, North Carolina. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Illustration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. From an early age art was clearly the main focus, drawing inspiration from his father's comic books and early morning Bob Ross episodes. This led Noah into private home lessons in elementary school, then into advanced high school art classes, and finally into senior illustration and painting classes in college.

Since graduating, Noah has continued to create wildlife-centered art in the greater Charlotte area and involve his work in shows across the country from Charlotte to California. His work recently received back-to-back 1st place prizes at Southend Arts Juried Show.


While Noah specializes in detailed illustrative works, he often practices as many various mediums as possible, including all forms of painting, as well as pen and ink. His current body of work involves illustrating endangered wildlife and incorporating humans' impact on the environment while doing so. With plans to continue his career as a freelance illustrator, Noah is also focusing on trying new forms and styles as often as possible and keeping his horizons broad.

Artist Statement

My solo show is centered around earth's beautiful endangered wildlife to help raise awareness and funds for conservation funds around the globe.  - Noah Hartley

Noah Hartley.jpg

Noah Hartley

Gastonia, North Carolina

Creating for Conservation

opens September 4, 2020

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