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Michelle Filiau

Artist’s Bio

I am newly making my way back into painting and creating over the last two years after paving my way through the medical field. You can imagine that took a bit of my time, but is and was well worth every minute buried in books. I so look forward to many, many more years of seeing with my eyes closed, with my heart open, with the energy of all that is surrounding us pulsating through me, with colors in hand and love to spread. It connects me, disconnects me and it is the most soothing of dichotomies. I do hope everyone who views them has an emotional response as there is nothing but such in them.


One of the greatest pleasures in life to me is to comfort any living creature in their most dire of times. Prior to becoming a Physician's Assistant, I worked as an aide in Hospice care. This collection comprises my experiences and emotions regarding three of my patients; the other two represent my maternal and paternal grandmothers. They all were and are extraordinary specimens who left a lovely, indelible stamp on my heart.


They are golden, dynamic souls and I can only wish these manifestations capture even just a bit of their supreme natures. I deeply love them all and always will and the fact that we could share just a minute of this delicate peculiar life together amazes me and makes everything that much sweeter, that much more golden.

- Michelle Filiau

Chicopee, Massachusetts

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