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Benjamin L.M.

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Benjamin L.M. expresses a multitude of feelings through his work. He takes action. He turns universal thoughts into something everyone can see and relate to, either through the art picture, or the word title. Benjamin L.M. puts art to his thoughts and feelings, fully and honestly, good or bad, but mainly good, mostly positive. The bright amazing light of the spirit world, the warm romance of lovers, the innocent brilliance of nature, and the darkness of evil are the ways he goes with art.


Benjamin L.M. is self-taught. Art college was a waste of time and money for him. He got in but never went. He lived, walked the earth, found his voice, and hammered it onto the canvas with paint. Figurative paintings in full-colour paint with long titles to explain the art, that’s his main love and focus. Benjamin L.M. also makes nature paintings, minimal or no colour, minimal titles with no meaning apart from a major appreciation of our natural world, and the force that’s alive behind it. He also makes primitive digital art, intense, raw, full, and flat colour, with long titles to explain it clearly.

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Spiritual Chaos

(August 7 - 30, 2020)

The International Marble Gallery
a 3-D Virtual Experience

Benjamin L.M.

USA / Australia

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