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International Juried Exhibition

What Is Love?
(Series No.1)

Exhibition Extended!   
Runs  February 14 - April 30, 2024

See love messages through visual artwork and spoken word. What Is Love? features 33 artists and 82 works of art. The exhibiting artists include Amy Howell, Andrea Clement, Anne Furnaris, Bill Jones, Clement Bryant, Craig Screven, Elena Gaston-Nicolas, Indra Persad Milowe, Irina Hinkel, Janie McGee, Jean Catherine Howard, Jerome Smith, Joan Hill, John Mark Rainey, Karen Maddox, Lara Lenhoff, Lisa Rose Musselwhite, Lois Moore Blackwell, Marcia K Neal, Mark Hurtubise, Nona Gold, O Yemi Tubi (MOYAT), Peter Casini, PJP Martin, Richard Glick, Robert V. P. Davis, Rosalinda Taymor, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Svetlana Nelson, Usha Kolpe, W. Bruce Fagin. Wendy Lee Allen, and Winifred Wallace.


Art Sale Questions?

Contact Carolyn Goodridge, Curator

This exhibit is the first of a multi-part Juried International Art Exhibition Series: What Is Love? We now launch addressing LOVE according to the artist of our modern day culture. What Is Love? provides a platform to discuss and circulate the idea of love.  Artists express their messages through artwork imagery, titles, and spoken word.

82 Selected works are exhibited in the virtual 3-D virtual gallery, soon to 

  • appear on the Art Impact Exhibitions T.V. channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV

  • appear in the print-on-demand exhibition catalog

  • appear in the group video on social media

  • appear in the 3-D gallery artist talk and tour via Zoom.

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