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Save Our Oceans Save Our Seas





Enjoy Our Movement to Help Shine Our Seas.

Art makes a difference in the world.  

This online exhibit creates a worldwide social responsibility request to

save our seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes from growing pollution.  

Let this art motivate you to do your part,

however small or big,

to save our oceans and seas,
and the marine life therein.

Visual, Performance Artists and Poets​

45 Artists from 14 Countries
Canada, India, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Nigeria,
Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Sicily,
Spain, Trinidad & Tobago,
United States of America, and Venezuela

save our oceans

save our seas

The artists were asked to visually communicate and express their ideas about our marine pollution growing crisis.  What ramifications do you see? What beauty and marine and land life are at risk to be lost if positive actions are not immediately taken? What solutions could you share through your art?  Answers to any of these questions were relative to the artist's entry.


The purpose of the exhibition is to raise contrasting awareness of the alarming marine pollution occurring in the Caribbean and the oceans across our planet.  We want to remind and uplift the viewers with visual art highlighting the beauty of marine life above and beneath the Caribbean seascapes and connected landscapes. We would like all participants (artists and viewers) to confront what is at stake, the survival of marine life as well as human life. 


According to the World Bank, their data shows that the sea and marine ecosystems are being degraded from marine pollution (including billion pieces of plastic), acidification, and rising sea temperatures. Coral reef degradation is another dangerous threat to the natural capital of the Caribbean, with an estimated annual revenue loss of between US$350 million and US$870 million.

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