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Jan Murphy

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

As a life-long animal welfare advocate and activist, I started making art as a form of therapy to help me in dealing with the frustration and sadness I encountered on a daily basis. Through art, I have learned that the creative process is the best form of therapy around.! Color, texture and playfulness inspire me to keep going, and remind me of the goodness that exists everywhere if we only take the time to look for it.

Jan Murphy

United States

Jan Murphy

Friday Harbor, WA

Together But Apart
Social Distancing
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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Jan is primarily a self-taught artist, but has taken countless art classes and workshops over the past 20 years, continuing to learn and grow in a variety of mediums. Jan loves to work in mixed media and assemblage, but also enjoys painting.


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