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Corporate Art


This Call is for a specific corporate client. 
We need artwork as soon as possible. 


Submit your entry with 5 to 10 works, hi-resolution images (minimum 2000 pixels in the shortest dimension, and no less than 1 MB in file size.)  


  • open to artists residing in the Washington DC metropolitan area (DC, MD and Northern Virginia)

  • Upload 5 to 10 works to be considered for a corporate environment. These may be already sold, but available as a fine art print.

  • Dimensions of the artwork may be all sizes (small, medium and very large works)


  • Artists receive 70% of the retail price of the artwork.

  • Art Impact International receives 30% commission 

  • Do not include the price of framing if the work is not already framed.  We will work that out separately and add that cost to the total cost of the artwork separately. The curator will work with the artists to advise and direct on framing (to be consistent with other works if applicable.)

There is no cost to submit your work. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The entry form is not saveable and cannot be revisited to make changes once you exit your browser or the window.  View what's needed now to prepare your submission.

Upload your art description list as a .doc or .pdf with the corresponding artwork number. Include the title, medium, dimensions (h x w in.), year of creation, retail price with 30% commission in mind. You may use the artwork description list template if you need to.  Have this ready so you can easily upload it onto the submission form:

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