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Laura Farrell

What Is Hanukkah?

An International Art Exhibition

(December 10 through January 31, 2021)


Laura is an award winning artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Salisbury University. Her love for the arts started at a young age when her parents allowed her to draw all over her yellow bedroom walls. Today she runs her own studio, LMI Studios. Her work can be seen all over the DC Metro area, as well as Florida and New York. Her company specializes in custom artwork, hand painted murals, and decorative finishes. In pieces from 'The Gold Collection' Laura has combined her love of gilding and decorative arts with her fine art training.

Laura is also an accomplished musician and can be found throughout the year playing to audiences on her guitar and violin.


Creativity runs through my veins, it has since I was a child. Through my art I search for ways to explore things in our lives that are not visible but bear weight on our world and on our souls. I explore physics and universal equations and turn them into something we can visualize. Painting for me is pensive and meditative. Life can become hectic and it is sometimes hard to appreciate the awesomeness of the world we live in. The materials (gold leaf, mica flakes, natural clay) reflect the earth and the cosmos. There is a connection between all of us. If my work can produce even the smallest amount of wonder or curiosity I have done my job.

Laura Farrell

Laura Farrell

United States of America

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