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Thom Priemon

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am a painter working in a 2000 year old painting medium encaustics used by the Romans, Greeks and Fayum Egyptian portrait artist.In the 80's I won a gold medal from Drexel University book making and publishing. I have also collaborated with George Miller's hand printed lithography in NYC. 1980's and 90's as well as with Tamerind master printer Tim Sheesley creating numerous hand painted lithographic limited edition prints, including the 10 foot limited edition print of the Sonoran Desert. I studied and mentored with Francis Cortland Tucker for ancient methods and materials, including the 2000 year old Encaustic medium used by the Romans, Greeks and Fayum Egyptian portrait artist. My encaustics have been exhibited in the 2015, 2016 and 17 Nasdaq board and 200 story high, time square buildings facades as well as being juried into the first digital exhibition Visions at the prestigious french museum "The Louvre" in Paris 2016. I have over a dozen books with publisher Renee Priemon on Lulu, Amazon and Barnes and Noble book stores. At the age of 70 I received The Award of Excellance in the premier Poets and Artist self portrait group exhibit by juror John Seed in the Chicago Zhou /Gallery 10 in 2016 as well as being published several times in the national publication Poets and Artist 2015 and 2016.


I go out in the studio and what floods my vision is the scribbling and notes of what I watched on video about what is happening to the Ukrainian people. It is so hard to get past this and my work keeps going back to the sketches on my tablet of these horrific images. We live in the greatest country on this earth and for one minute think if this was here. God help Ukraine.

Graphic Shapes

Thom Priemon

United States of America

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