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Nona Gold

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Short Biography
Born into this world on the beautiful shores of Odessa, Pearl of the Black Sea. Where I fell in love with its majestic beauty. Passion for creating art is part of my DNA. I am blessed to be reunited with my soul.

I was 5 years old when I got my first art lesson from my Grandfather. I fell in love with the beauty of the colours and their ever-changing combinations.
Had Wonderful experience learning the Trade in Art school and University of Fine Art in Odessa Ukraine, Was on the Dean list. Some of my paintings were left in University�s Archive as learning tools to future students/
My Art works was highly rated by Art Connoisseurs during personal and group Expositions back Home.

Move to Canada in the mid seventies.
You have only one life to live, if I had two? I would dedicate one to family and one to Art�
But in reality you have to combine both.
LaSalle College in Montreal, gave me chance to apply my skills into Fashions,
Designer & Founder
JosefElle Fashions. INC
Dressed and enriched women�s beauty for number of years.
Created extensive, successful collections for young, sophisticated women, work and play.

I was given a second chance to come back to my first love -Art ,and do it with more effort, and with more energy, that was bubbling inside ready to come out true my Artwork that touch people�s hearts and beautifies their world

My Fascination with colours continues today, always experimenting with different technique trying new product, and new material, now working with Burlap, creating interesting effect on the ruff textured surface, combine and create new media, Have exhibited my Art work in Canada and New York.
Proud to acknowledge that my painting owned by prominent peoples of Canada, Russia UK, US, and Israel!
My Goal is to share my love for Art and bring harmony and enchanting beauty to as many people as I can and to educate true my fascination with colours.


It is divine feeling when you standing in front of the virgin white canvas, you are opening the door to a different dimension, you step out in a wonderful world of exiting and unknown place �. Your hands are moving almost out of your control, you create new synergy or portrait, or still life even abstract. You poor out your soul�and when you done, you come back to reality and you are happy and fulfill with joy and satisfaction When people passing by you work that hang on the wall and stop and hear your words coming out of your painting�.., Then, you did something special you achieved you mission! Your Work of Art speaks for itself!!!! I constantly experiment with new Technique and try combination of different styles, try new material, Love to work with the palette knife, watch and wonder when colors combines together intertwine with canvas. I like bold intense bright colors and combinations. My paintings create wonderful energy and warm feelings, it makes me, and peoples around very happy!!!

Original or Fine Art Prints Available?

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