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Natalie Peterson

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


My name is natalie Peterson. I'm fourty years of age ,and my pastimes/hobbies is listening to all genres of music, cooking and eating hearty food and drink ,going textile shopping ,travelling around London, entering creative competitions and contests. I have a passion for lemon sorbet/ice cream, and I dislike reptiles, but love herd -like animals and things affiliated with nature.


Because this is a ' war or peace' competition ,i wanted to bring something inspirational ,constructive and positive to the table ,when educating society.I tend to pre draw the outline of the images to get a good structure of what I'm trying to demonstrate. I tend to use markers ,because they're bright and dynamic ,hopefully appealing to the youth . Right now the USA desperately needs some serious gun control and awareness to curb the violence that's taking down the innocent lives. I want to let people know especially the youth ,and the upcoming generation that it's not cool to bring violence anywhere, in any sort of feuds. Stay at school and get your education -not from the bars in a prison.

Original or Fine Art Prints Available?

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