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Jon Christopher Devries

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I was a songwriter and a singer a long time ago, but life happened and only about 1 year ago I came back around to writing in earnest. And writing poetry is my passion. I published my first book of poetry NO BLUES CAFE back in March of 2022. This is a collection of 31 poems. I am almost done with the poems for the 2nd book. Jon DeVries


Thie poem THE FAR VOICE is meant to give a look into the savagery and senselessness of war. There is a main character, a man, that is the subject of this poem. We got through scenes of horror and battle with him but we find out in the end that he is just another man who longs for home and hearth and family. The last line says "Stay Home Soldier" which is the message of the poem - i.e war is pointless and destructive and you don't have to engage in it if you don't want to.

Graphic Shapes

Jon Christopher Devries

United States of America

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