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Gregg Simpson

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Born in Ottawa in 1947, Gregg Simpson grew up in the rain forest environment of the west coast. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Canada, the U.S., Europe and South America and is included in over 100 private and public collections internationally. His work has been included in the major exhibitions, academic studies and books on contemporary Surrealism including his inclusion in Surrealism Beyond Borders (Metropolitan Museum of New York and the Tate Modern, London).


My paintings and works on paper are usually improvised from the start. I begin a work very spontaneously, often with it lying on the ground and soaked with water to make the colors flow.

Whatever the style or subject, my intention is to both delight eye and stimulate the viewer�s imagination while my political leanings are always towards those of the Surrealists: ie leftist, anti-Fascist, progressive, liberal,etc.

These works constitute warnings about loosing the dogs of war.

Graphic Shapes

Gregg Simpson


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