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Deidre Daugherty

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I have been an artist since childhood. I became a graphic artist but continued my painting, drawing, and sculpting in wood and stone.

In the 80s, a friend worked at a foundry and taught me the process of creating a bronze sculpture. That’s when I started working with clay. I felt like I was home - like a duck in water. It didn’t matter if I made a mistake, I could change it. The clay seemed to bring out women's figures; they just seemed to emerge from it. They became bronzes and won awards in state and national competitions.

I have recently been creating works in response to current events. Being so publicly outspoken about sensitive issues is new to me. One current project is addressing environmental issues.


My mediums include bronze sculptures, resin sculptures, etchings, pastels, acrylics, and watercolor. I created a technique that I call 'TorchArt'. Chemicals and heat applied to the metal create effects that would be difficult to produce in other mediums.

Although many of my pieces are expressions of my insights and self-awareness, I also share my opinions on women’s rights and political issues. My ‘Holding onto Freedom’ exhibit in 2018 created a ‘stir’ about 911, conspiracy theories, and current events taking place then.

I am inspired when people are touched by my work when it connects to them.

I chose this piece for the 'War or Peace' show because it is about a possible situation in a wartime scenario. When the soldier and the child see each other, that is the moment of reckoning, shame, blame, and loss with the final acceptance of vulnerability and the need for comfort in both. All of that in one moment. The soldier's hand on the child's shoulder symbolizes their guard dropping and their hearts touching.

Graphic Shapes

Deidre Daugherty

United States of America

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