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We create a stellar, global community of artists united by a drive to enlighten, enrich, enhance and expand human culture. 

Struggling to attract and retain diverse talent?

Sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to the Arts AND racial equity.


Wanting to expand customer base in the community?

Sponsorship provides access and goodwill.


Seeking PR and brand awareness?

Sponsored art exhibition events provide media and social media exposure.


Need to boost local reputation and relationships?

Sponsorship establishes you as a community partner.


Are you required to increase supplier diversity?

Sponsorship is an opportunity to work with and even possibly attract other minority-owned production partners.


Seeking content for company social responsibility report?

Sponsorship shows measurable community impact.


Becoming a sponsor can address that need for you to attain specific diversity, equity or inclusion goals.

Sponsoring this important Black History exhibition can provide 

value, helping you to achieve those goals!

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