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Younes Ansari

The vast pollution of seas and oceans drew my attention to the issue of the nature. Beside merely representation of seascapes, I created a set of paintings to inform viewers of ecological problems and environmental injustice. I tried to have a pedagogical or didactic approach in this Eco-Art set. Although it doesn't make a huge rapid change to the earth, but it can make a progress in our thinking and our actions, to pollute less and to recycle more. The technique I used is palette knife and oil.

Younes Ansari


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Karaj, Alborz Province

Captive in a Plastic Bottle
Boat #1
Beauty and Beast
Boat #5

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

Boat #4
Unrecycled Doll

Artwork For Sale (Click the Image)


Born in 1983, I started to paint at the age 8. I graduated with a M.A in painting in 2017. I worked as painter and illustrator plus a tutor of painting. I took part in some exhibitions and Chroma Exhibition in 2019 was my first international experience in USA.


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