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Svetlana Nelson

I have opted to focus on the personal, the quietly perceptive and philosophical. Reminiscent more of Forrest Bess than Henri Rousseau, my artistry most certainly falls within the visionary tradition.
I work in a figurative mode, which gives my compositions a readily understandable subject-matter. Yet this simplicity is offset by preference for utilizing oil on canvas.

My story:
Since I remember myself as a child, the sea has always attracted me. Every summer, mom took me and my sister to the sea. I could endlessly enjoy its view, for a long time I listened to the whisper of the waves, tilting my ear to the water itself. The feeling of the sea remains for a long time. The sea lives its own life. The life of movement, excitement, beauty. The sea is a beautiful creation of nature, the whole universe, living according to its laws, rules.

The splash of the sea, its fresh, wet, salty breath, indomitable character, captivates. The sea is wealth. It will feed, deliver to the desired point, heal, give a charge of positive emotions, calm the soul. Especially beautiful and healthy sea air. But mere admiration is not enough. Important to protect and save. It’s important to protect the sea and ocean, not to pollute, not to leave garbage on the shore, like coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags, food containers. Thanks to the members of OCEANA for their valuable work. Show your support to OCEANA, donate or become a member. Together we can save and protect our seas and oceans.

Svetlana Nelson


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Madison, Alabama

Ocean After Storm
The Magic Ocean

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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Svetlana Nelson is confident in her ability to create expressive and interesting pieces that match the needs of the collectors and art lovers. Ever since she could hold a brush and palette knife, she was creating works of art. At 61 she knew what she wanted to do with her life. In Lowe Mill, Huntsville Alabama she took art classes in Chuck Mathews studio. By the time she finished classes, she knew that her area of expertise was painting. Her work was selected to be in many art exhibitions and awarded with 4 certificates of Honorable Mention, including Art Olympia, Tokyo Japan. Her paintings featured in a wide range of subjects such as the magazine “Art is Spectrum”, “Artavita”, “Circle”, website of Art Olympia, Tokyo Japan and much more. Her favorite element to experiment with is color and texture. She is enjoy seeing how a colorful painting can add brightness to any room. The most rewarding part of being an artist is reading comments on her website.


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