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Jack Curtis

What is the purpose of art? Art has always been and will always be the eye of the creator. A statement made, an emotion proposed. For myself, I use and enjoy a gift, an ability to leave a legacy or to reveal a feeling or possibly to elicit a response. Art is truly a combination of those who create and those who see. See what you will and enjoy a gift.

Jack Curtis


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Sandy Hook, Connecticut


Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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Jack Curtis is a Newtown, CT resident, artist and sculptor. Jack has been involved in the arts since early childhood, eventually taking his hobby/love to a level where he is an artist, sculptor. His love of arts, graphic illustrations, both actual and abstract oil and acrylic paintings and sculptures has given him the ability to express his ideas and desires such that all can enjoy. Jack is currently pursuing metal sculpturing, combining aspects of his interests/loves, nature and abstract ideas. His work combines the use of color, format, texture and design in such a way to evoke harmony and pleasure while making a subtle statement of purity and honesty.


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