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Elena Gastón Nicolás

I'm interested in exploring our mental and perceptual potential, also delving into spirituality. I shape mental maps and multi-boggling cosmogonies. Above all I love landscape and its inhabitants.
My art is a benchmark of nature. I respect the identity of the subject, but I use technical and color as a catalyst. I conceive our planet, including the atmosphere, oceans and continents, as a living organic unit. Our ecosystem is the Universe. I create with innovative thinking to understand and appreciate self and others.

Wishy Fishy: ( & 5 Kingdoms Lighthouse, ( are two school collective projects where the sum of small combined wills multiply into something great and joint. The mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, are integrated in the organized human form. Devic Kingdom avobe all.

Elena Gastón Nicolás


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Bladensburg, Maryland

What Water Gave Me - Santa Maria Della Salute Dream
Fisher of men (Detail of  Golgota's Dreams. The never Told Story. 2015 . 147 x 103 cm. mixed media on wood artwork)
Crossing Wide Waters in Search of the New World- On a Raft of Hope
Fishy Wishy & The Five Kingdoms Lighthouse

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

Artwork For Sale (Click the Image)


Guardian of the planet. Multidimensional Artist and Soul ambassadress. I follow lightly spiritual life. My work articulates around The Three Ways of Spiritual Knowledge:
The Alchemical Way; the Priestly Way, and the Way of the Warrior:
Goodness, Truth and Beauty (Healing the Roots)

I have learned that in Nature is all there is to know. I have always been concerned about the future of the planet, and involved in the study, protection and conservation of Natural Biotopes; trying to instill optimism and gratitude in my teaching task. I believe and love, with empathy and an holistic sense of reality. My artwork preserves the Divine Magic which dwells in all beings. I was born to embrace the earth that gives us inconceivable things, and to create heartfully.


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