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E.L. Whitley

As a surrealist I use the element of design to weave compositions based on my dreams, visions and imagination. My paintings chronicle my life's journey. In short my art is a way of keeping dairy. I paint objects as I think them, not necessarily as I see them. My imagination in the highest kite I can fly.

E.L. Whitley


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Mitchellville, Maryland

Dusk or Dawn
In the Beginning
The Sixth Dimension

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


L. Whitley is a native Washingtonian of the District of Columbia. She is a graduate from McKinley Technical High School where she majored in art and studied under the renowned artist, Sam Gilliam. She attended and graduated from the district of Columbia Teacher's College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Art. While at D.C Teacher's College she studied under another renowned artist, "Malkia" aka Lucille Roberts. Upon graduation, she did post graduate work at the Catholic University of America in oil painting and portraiture; silk painting at G Street Fabric in Rockville, Maryland.


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