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Barbara Keim

My interests lie in nature, wildlife, spirituality and the human spirit. The most basic of creations in life are combined with technological media as a vessel to provide a divergent yet clean portrayal of themes I am drawn to.

As a digital artist, I have always been interested in themes of spirituality, nature and wildlife, as well as in the human condition and what makes people tick. I am an avid advocate for the protection of wildlife, and nature. I have worked in the area of computer graphics ever since the computer became a tool for creative pursuits.

I create my collage inspired work using a combination of digital software integrated with my own drawings and photographs. I prefer full vivid color, and also create symbols in my art much like the Flemish artists did. My additional favorite art movements are Surrealism, Flemish Art and Pop Art.

Barbara Keim


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Westfield, Massachusetts

Cry Me An Ocean
Have A Coke?

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

Artwork For Sale (Click the Image)


A full time computer graphics professor at Westfield State University.
Free-lance illustrator and digital artist. Exhibits work internationally with and emphasis on conservation, environmental protection and human rights protections.


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