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Anthony Hurt

Anthony grew up in Prince Edward County. This rural setting inspired him to record the past, present, and now the future.The works exhibited are from a eye catching moment from my life's journey.Not much of a beach lover, I will always take out a moment to enjoy the beauty that our waterways, rivers, and oceans bring.I can only depict what I and many others see in person, on my canvas. I can only hope that we will work together to keep it, and continue to see it this way.

Anthony Hurt


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Hampton, Virginia

Naturally Purified
The Way We Were

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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Anthony Leon Hurt is a professional artist based out of Hampton, Virginia. He is an existing member of Blue Skies Art Gallery and The Hampton Art League also located in Hampton. Anthony has decided to embrace a more diverse approach to his work. He is an acrylic painter ,photographer, as well as a graphite artist. His work is displayed on his website at:


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