(20 to 35 Works of Art)

- One to Six Months -


Now is the time to further establish yourself within the digital marketplace. Have your own solo 3-D virtual gallery exhibition.  Leverage this opportunity to promote yourself and your creative art.  Expand your reach with solid marketing and promotion using modern technology.  Use this facility together with our reliable production and marketing team to get your work seen. 


Submit your proposal with 20 to 35 hi-resolution images (minimum 2000 pixels in the shortest dimension, and no less than 1 MB in file size.)  The exhibition proposals will be reviewed and scheduled in the order they are received and approved.  Exhibition schedules run on a monthly basis and are published on the first Friday of each month.

To support your opening, our marketing team will work with you to produce and promote your exhibition with an accompanying 2-3 minute art video.

Basic Service Features: (Package No. 1)

  • Solo exhibition in the 3-D virtual gallery with up to 35 works of art

  • Web page with eCommerce capabilities to sell the pieces (25% commission)

  • A two to three-minute artist video with background music

  • A second video (shortened 60-second version) for posting on Instagram

  • A digital invitation announcing your opening

  • Promotion of your exhibition to our organization's social media and email base (totaling over 8,000 people)

There is no upfront cost to submit your proposal.  However, if your work is selected your artist contribution is $375 for services provided.  Optional packages are also available based on additional months to have your exhibition live. (See below for our different packages.)  There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our quality of service.

Visit the Twenty-First Century Gallery to get a feel and to practice navigating through three-dimensional virtual space.  Imagine your art on the walls.  (The gallery web page may take several seconds to load, so please be patient.)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The entry form is not saveable and cannot be revisited to make changes once you exit your browser or the window.  View what's needed now to prepare your submission.



Establish Your 3-D Virtual Campaign

(Package No. 1) - One Month - Basic Service Features

One Month, $375 (or two monthly payments of $190)

  • Solo exhibition in the 3-D virtual gallery with up to 35 works of art

  • Web page with eCommerce capabilities to sell the pieces (25% commission)

  • A two to three-minute artist video with background music

  • A second video (shortened 60-second version) for posting on Instagram

  • A digital invitation announcing your opening

  • Promotion of your exhibition to our organization's social media and email base (totaling over 8,000 people)


All entry content including at least five images must be received no later than one month before the show's scheduled opening to begin production.

(Package No. 2) - Two Months Exhibition

Two Months, $475 or three monthly payments of $160

Includes Package 1 plus:

  • One dedicated Google Ad

(Package No. 3) - Three Months Exhibition

Three Months, $575 or four monthly payments of $145

Includes Package 2 plus:

  • 30-Minute One-on-One Zoom recorded interview 

(Package No. 4) - Four Months Exhibition

Four Months, $675 or five monthly payments of $135

Includes Package 3 plus:

  • 45-Minute Zoom Artist panel discussion and interview around your artwork (this would be your second recorded interview)

(Package No. 5) - Five Months Exhibition

Five Months, $775 or six monthly payments of $130

Includes Package 4 plus:

  • A third video (shortened 60-second version) for posting on Instagram


(Package No. 6) - Six Months Exhibition

Six Months, $875 or seven monthly payments of $125

Includes Package 5 plus:

  • 60-Minute Be,Live Broadcast Interview with up to two of your own guests streaming on Facebook and YouTube (this would be your third recorded interview)




Can I swap out my artwork if it's been sold or I just simply want to change it out?

Answer:  Yes and No.  After the first month, you may swap out no more than three pieces during any one month.  During the first month there is no swapping out.

What exactly is Be.Live Broadcast?

It is a Facebook Live Video Solution with 700M+ viewers engaged worldwide.  With this platform, we can invite viewers watching on Facebook, YouTube and possibly even LinkedIn - locally and internationally.  The stream is simultaneously cast across these platforms.  Viewers may watch and participate during the discussion about your artwork.  This is also your opportunity to poll the viewers and ask for valuable feedback in the chatbox or survey.  Engagement would be pooled from all the fans and subscribers across all four of the people in the interview/discussion.

What's the timeline for all of this?

All the content for your show must be submitted at least one month before the scheduled opening date.  This is especially the case for getting your Google Ad launched.  The remaining work is done in stages to avoid a sense of overwhelm (i.e., Package 3 is executed in the third month of the exhibition, etc.)  By the end of each month, the previous month's milestones would have been met.  Note that there is no skipping over as an effective campaign requires stability, seasoning, and establishment.  

How long will my Google Ad run?

Your ad will start one month before your show opens and will run for one month after your show ends.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, if you would like to pay by check, the full amount is due two months before your show.  If you want to utilize the monthly payment plan you will be paying via PayPal.  The first payment is due two months before your exhibition's opening day.

When I fill out the entry form, can I save it and complete it later?

No.  The form is unable to be saved.  If you exit out of the form before you click the "Submit" button you will lose all the information you entered earlier.

Where can I get a list of the interview questions?

Click here for a current copy of 20 artist interview questions.  You may request more to be added or some to deleted.


Do you provide an Art Description List template?

Yes. Click here for an acceptable template to follow and upload it in the entry form.  You don't have to use this particular template as soon as the information requested is included in your own list.

I'm new to this 3-D Virtual Galley business.  I'm not sure how to navigate the sample gallery.  Do you provide a tutorial?

Yes.  Click here to view this six-minute gallery viewing and navigation tutorial

Are there any parameters that my proposal must meet?

Yes, your exhibition proposal must address or connect with or include some narrative about at least one of the twenty-two global issues cited by the United Nations. 


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