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Maria Balibrea Melero

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

This project is developed in oil on canvas. The main topic is about the situation that all our world is living at this moment, about the confinement and Pandemia.

I've always been struck by how cyclical the story is. When medieval societies began to move away from the religious pillars that supported them, after the Reformation of Erasmus, causing the beginning of the Renaissance, the Modern Individual, and a first capitalism, then a concept of individual was born characterized by the feeling of being lost and on the brink of the abyss. All this that occurred at the beginning of the 15th century is repeated in the 18th century and even today. In any case, freedom is not in itself negative, but the use we make of it. Freedom provokes these sensations, having to choose, to create, to develop out of a sense of belonging. This is the main issue of my art proposal.

Maria Balibrea Melero


Maria Balibrea Melero


From my fence
Shared Sadness
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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About my art project
I was born in Madrid in 1977. I have lived in several countries, like Italy, where I was studying engraving; India, where I was developing several Art Projects, and also Maryland, USA, where I was living during the last four years, coming back to my country, Spain, the last year.

I made my doctoral thesis "Visions of the grotesque: representing alienation in the art through the monster", realized in 2015 in Valencia, Spain. I have participated in several individual and collective exhibitions around the world, in cities as Paris, Washington, Annapolis, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Zaragoza, or Nuremberg.

Actually, I am strongly painting in my Art Studio, in Alicante, Spain.


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