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Kathleen Stark

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

I was inspired to paint "Joy Within" by thinking of how I have kept myself from giving into anxiety and fear during the pandemic. I used a biographical theme to illustrate looking within my home and my spirit for ways to find joy. The colors and design I chose along with the candle light also speak to the movement, warmth and light inside even though it is dark and cold outside. "Joy Within" is my interpretation of focusing on things we can control instead of those things that we can't

Kathleen Stark

United States

Kathleen  Stark

Springfield, VA

Joy Within
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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Kathleen Stark has been painting seriously for the last 30 years. She studied art most recently at The Corcoran School of Art and Design. She was a docent at The Corcoran Gallery of Art for 18 years. Kathleen belongs to The Fairfax Art League and shows her work regularly in their gallery in Old Town Hall,Fairfax. She participated in 2 of Art Impact International's annual shows celebrating Caribbean culture and art. The artist belongs to The Episcopal Artists Registry and was accepted into one of their online shows. Kathleen is currently showing one of her paintings in a show on artists and poets reaction to the current pandemic at St Michael's Episcopal Church, Arlington.


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