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Jonathan Butler

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

My artwork isn't meant to be judged; it is meant to be experienced as a memory of our society, passed onto us by the politics and human work, worry and woe of this dramatic time somewhere between Heaven and Earth. My inspiration comes to me from times and places long forgotten. I digitally create images of human beings who seem to be carrying burdens of their past lives. It is uncertain to tell if these migrant ghosts are going or if they are leaving their generational roots. My current work is influenced by a fantastical environment that seems to be imploding. My characters appear to be in stages of decay, but are also still very much alive.

Jonathan Butler

United States

Jonathan Butler

South Hadley, MA

Got Mask?
Atom of Eden
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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Currently I live along the Connecticut River in South Hadley Massachusetts, USA. As a 2lb. 2oz. premature baby, I was taken to a white walled room and placed in a clear plastic box - not the nurturing arms of my mother. I was naked, kept warm by a heated pad, technology and mechanical devices gave me life support. This mechanical place is not found in the natural world, it is constructed by man to make it easy for masked workers to provide support. In that box, there was no warmth of sunlight, bird chirping, no breeze, no flow of water, the harmony of the Earth was absent. I survived. Genetic rhythms gave me life. My drive to survive is the nature of my art.


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