John C. Deitz

Pandemic, The Light Therein
International Virtual Art Exhibition Series

(September 2020)


My parents made sure I had wide exposure to all aspects of life. As a child i was enrolled in summer art programs at major centers in Philadelphia. As an adult I earned my degree as a marine biologist. My photographs have appeared at The National Aquarium, Audubon Books, magazines and newspapers. I show regularly in a variety of media from watercolor to digital.

Artist Statement

My work is all about rhythm. The rhythm in the world around me and the rhythm inherent in the artist's materials. Each medium has its own rhythm, its own range as an instrument and is part of the orchestration that goes into the final performance. I repeatedly return to a piece to practice the rhythm of the piece and discover the place it came from.

John C. Deitz

Holland, Pennsylvania


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In Covid Time

In Covid Time

Past The Pain Now

Past The Pain Now


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