Ann Clinton

Pandemic, The Light Therein
International Virtual Art Exhibition Series

(September 2020)


Hi. I'm Ann Clinton, born Antoinette Jackson in South Central Los Angeles, CA in December of 1972. I am the seventh child of 8 children - a very artistic family, from the parents on down. As far back as I can remember, I have always worked with my hands at crafting something. However, painting is my favorite expression of art. I love the natural world around me, especially the ocean, and that is what I express in my paintings.

Artist Statement

My inspiration is the natural world around me - especially the ocean. I grew up visiting the beach frequently, and I love it. Once I am moved by a beautiful scene, I immediately go to work at recreating it with my fast-drying acrylics. While it is logical to use the right tools to achieve certain things within the art, I find it especially fun to try other tools to paint with. For example, using a crumpled piece of plastic and cotton balls to paint a landscape.

Ann Clinton

Glenn Heights, Texas

United States of America

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New Dawn

New Dawn

A Burst of Life

A Burst of Life


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