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Sara P Macias

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(July 2020)

I believe we are both human and divine, and that we all hunger for beauty. I use line, color, light and darkness to bring to life what lies within me; Creator and creature at play through art. As I create I let flow designs I see within, and am in ecstasy when able to bring to fruition the vision within me. My hope is to inspire others to excel in their God-given talents, through art. My work is "all for Christ, through Mary."

Sara P Macias

Mexican American, USA

Hacienda Heights, California

Christ and Souls in Ecstasy
Sacred Heart
Holy Spirit

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Sara Macias is a multi-media artist, who largely focuses on painting in order to bring to life her invisible world.
Sara has known to be an artist since early childhood and has followed her artistic hunger. But since she felt a hunger and calling to follow God, she has been primarily focused on making her visions of God seen. Having won several art contests growing up, this boosted her to continue her art formation at California State Fullerton. When not creating, Sara enjoys church life, exercise, nature, and family time.


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