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Light of the Caribbean Artist

shireen thomas

Artist's Bio

Not to be repetitive, but I am proud to repeat that I am Indian American Syrian Christian trying to be as human as possible.  I am a 100% volunteer and willing to work for causes I believe in while feeding my own passion & dream project of making art with recycling material. Teaching the same to people who have been less fortunate in life, teaching recycling to recreate art to help fight certain challenges in life & regain their own confidence and not be shunned by society. 



One Love splashes the colors of red which One Love denotes our love for life, strength in togetherness, yearning for the peace in the world.  Red denotes the blood that flows in our veins, the richness of the land in green, gold as the wealth of all nations.  We identify ourselves with our colors of being human.  I am proud to flaunt my color. Therefore “I wear my color with pride.”

-Shireen Thomas

Centreville, Virginia

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