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Light of the Caribbean Artist

dusty rose

Artist's Bio

Dusty Rose was in Karachi, Pakistan, spending the majority of her youth living in Istanbul, Turkey. Her art work takes advantage of the various cultures and places she has traveled to. Working primarily with textures, materials and fragments, her pieces reflect the humanistic, natural curiosity of the wealth and heritage presented in this world. In capturing parts of what she has already experienced and hopes of what she will discover in the future, each piece is a continuation of her art, as if the mediums are on a journey with her. Dusty Rose received her BA, graduating with Honors from the University of Maryland, College Park and has been accepted to several artist residencies, namely NYU Steinhardt Summer Studio Art Residency 2017.  



A fragment is a part broken off, detached, or incomplete, leaving their parent group—a network develops from these pieces. As an American, born in Pakistan, raised in Turkey, my artwork showcases the juxtaposition of the parts of me that extend into my creative process.


There is still the residue of my unique upbringing. I sense it in my fascination with textural pieces. My desire to touch and feel, to connect different forms that have a seemingly disordered arrangement. My work is based on making fragments, created from a diverse amount of materials, in the hopes to develop it into a completed form. The sources and sentiments from my childhood serve as a conceptual pool that allows me to consider where I frame my work and life.

The reality of my work relates the complexity, the potpourri of the experiences around me. I create forms and textures, placed into spaces, using a fairly neutral palate. My work is formed from thinking about the exhaustion, aloneness, and desolation of a neutral state. Through eliminating other variables, such as hue and saturation, I reduce the information presented to the viewer in hopes to focus on the artistic elements that matter most to me.

-Dusty Rose

Silver Spring, Maryland

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