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Light of the Caribbean Artist

doreen read

Artist's Bio

I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Illinois. I am currently residing in Tennessee by way of Vermont. I had a successful stained glass business for over 30 years, specializing in custom windows.

Six years ago I was diagnosed with a neuralgic disorder, Hemi-Dystonia. This greatly affected my fine motor skills. Searching for a unique avenue to express my artistic side, I found Pebeo Fantasy.

I am an active member of the Kingsport Artist Guild, displaying my art in a number of regional on-going programs. I also belong to the Arts Depot in Abingdon, Virginia. I had a successful show last year, selling several pieces.





Pebeo Fantasy:  Searching for a new medium to express my artistic side I found Pebeo Fantasy.  Pebeo produces paints which artists can use on glass, metal, and canvas. Pebeo Fantasy is not oil, acrylic or watercolor.  Pebeo Fantasy creates a medium which incorporates color within color.  Fantasy Moon produces a marbleized effect; Fantasy Prisme contains a geometric design. The company Pebeo dates to 1919. “The company’s original purpose was to turn lead into pigment derivative. The pigments derivates were… then processed into (a) pure form or made into powder as ready-to-use paints for artists” More information can be found at


I first choose the Fantasy colors. Previously a canvas is painted with a layer of black acrylic.  I pour one color after another rotating and tipping the canvas. The effect is a color within a color taking on a honeycomb or marbleized shape. As this process takes place, I start to visualize the subject. People take more time to study the abstract art form, this process stimulates the imagination. The beauty of working with Pebeo/Fantasy is the medium flows differently every time, no two painting styles are alike. The result is a glossy, glass-like surface. The world around us is full of the abstract; life blends all around us, giving more significance to the common aspects within our everyday life.

-Doreen Read

Kingsport, Tennessee

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