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Light of the Caribbean Artist

beryl jazvic

Artist's Bio

My art philosophy is a simple one, it’s a journey, a journey that begins with an expression of myself and ends with a final product. I travel throughout each and every one of my artworks, experiencing a unique connection, with each piece as I create it. The materials, the mixing of the paint, the sound of the brush strokes against the surface, My own personal emotions and thoughts are combined, as I start my journey from beginning to end. If I can explain this in any other way, it would be me in my own world.

My role as an Artist and an Art Teacher is relevant and important to this world. As an Art Teacher, some of my responsibilities are to provide a variety of opportunities, and growth to foster imagination and creativity. As an artist, my role is to provide myself with a variety of opportunities and growth and foster my own imagination and creativity. I feel a need to share my awesome journey, and my unique experience, with others through my work; I want this world to know of me, and to know of my other world, for only I can take others there.

I was born on an Island in the beautiful Bahamas, there is where I spend my entire childhood and some of my adult life. I now reside in the United States of America, with my husband and three kids. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1991. I later completed my Master's in Teaching at Saint Mary University, Kansas. After graduating, I found work in a number of art positions, to include; Graphic Designer, Backdrop Artist, Portrait Painter, Muralist, Freelance Artist and an Art Teacher. My work has been shown in a several places to include Savannah College of Art and Design Magazine, Fredericksburg Fine Arts Exhibit, Private Collections, Washington, D.C. Best of the Best Juried Art Notable Artist Exhibition, Golden Juried Art Exhibition Pepco Edison Place Gallery Washington DC and The Journal of Art & Design Creative Quarterly #49  2018 Issue.


I have always had a love for the arts, and portrait painting, and scenes of the majestic outdoors have become a focus of mine. I often paint with acrylics in winter and oils in summer. My family and friends are part of my journey and my inspirations because they are often the subject of my work.


As a small child, I grew up on the Islands of the Bahamas, so I have a great affinity for Beaches, nautical life, and how it is reflected in the faces of the Bahamian people. I held my first solo show in 1996, in the forum of the Bahamas Postal Office, in order to subsidize my college tuition. In my paintings, my imagery, use of texture and pattern, are intended to give the viewers a sensational experience, while the eyes give the viewer an entry to the soul. In my waterscapes, I portray flowing water, creating patterns and textures, imparting a soothing tone. I utilize patterns and texture in my work, to create paintings within paintings and convey a true love for the elements involved.

-Beryl Jazvic

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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