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Light of the Caribbean Artist

Melchus davis

Artist's Bio

Watercolor and oil painter. Melchus has been a practicing artist and a teacher of the medium for most of his life.  Davis earned his Bachelor of arts degree from Benedict College, in Columbia South Carolina and a master's degree from Trinity College, Washington, DC. .Davis has taught at all levels of secondary education in the Washington, DC public schools. as well as an adjunct faculty at Howard University and currently teaching at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Davis works have been shown in several galleries in the Washington area, some including the Parish Gallery, Alex Gallery, District Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland University college, Howard University, Howard County Community College, University of the District of Columbia and internationally his works have been shown in the American Embassy, in Pretoria, South Africa through the Arts in Embassy program.




My art, for the most part, reviles types of diversity in content, through the process and technique is similar. The inspiration for the work can be related to a number of things. My roots are in the south, so I have a love for the landscape and its people. My watercolors paintings are usually based on landscapes, cityscapes, and people. the compositions can be realistic as well as abstract. The open-air markets in the city are always exciting to paint, because of their atmosphere and the activity that the market brings with its  colors and the people.

-Melchus Davis

Silver Spring, Maryland

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