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Light of the Caribbean Artist

Maria Bozina

Artist's Bio

Maria Bozina works in her home studio in Wellington, New Zealand. Maria is a New Zealand artist. She is known for her surrealistic and photo-realistic drawings and paintings of people and animals. She used to study fine art and design in Russia and New Zealand (Bachelor of Creative Technologies). Maria's paintings are a mirror of her inner world. She consistently experiments illustrating her random ideas using many different painting and drawing techniques. Her work is a result of her knowledge in the application of different media through years of research and experiments during her studies in Russia and New Zealand. She constantly exhibits her paintings in Wellington from 2013 and does commission portraits.



Maria Bozina is an artist who focused mostly on surrealistic paintings and photo-realistic portraits using different types of media such as oil, charcoal, ink or acrylic on paper, canvas or wood. Living in New Zealand has affected her life making her re-evaluate and change her life and carrier. So she decided to express new life experience in a collection of paintings. Through that work, Maria is going to show her feelings as an immigrant in a process of adaptation to a new place and culture.

-Maria Bozina

Wellington, New Zealand

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