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Elena Gastón-Nicolás

What Is Hanukkah?

An International Art Exhibition

(December 10 through January 31, 2021)


Guardian of the planet. Multidimensional Artist and Soul's Ambassador and Light Keeper
My 80's Eleneusinos sketches, culminated with Astrakt Art Orderation in 2004.
I articulate my work around The Three Ways of Spiritual Knowledge:
The Alchemical Way, the Priestly Way and the Way of the Warrior.
My Ashrams (Artists Books) are the support on which I organize myself.
In the Series Goodness, Truth and Beauty (Healing the Roots)
I try to seek elementals beings: gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders
I have learned that in Nature is all there is to know.
My artistic journey begins in the 80's I grew up next to the mountains. That gives me a special sensitivity towards nature. I was born to embrace the earth that gives us inconceivable things.


I am interested in feel, perceive and depict the whole being: spirit, heart and secret life essence. I shape mental maps and multi-boggling cosmogonies. Above all, the landscape and its inhabitants
My creations are a benchmark of nature. I respect the identity of the subject using color as a catalyst. I conceive our planet, including the atmosphere, oceans and continents as a living organic unit. Our ecosystem is the Universe.

"The Divine Ember Pulsating of the mystics and the poets, the fools of God and the blacksmiths, is in Elena and in everything that she does. It's about time for her to spread through the visible world so in need of astonishment and wonder, the vertigo and the boil of her word and her tabloid!"

Elena Gastón-Nicolás

Elena Gastón-Nicolás

United States of America

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