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Sharon Robinson

Artist's Bio

Sharon is a mixed media artist and instructor specializing in collage and assemblage. Her early interest in the built environment led her to pursue a Master's degree in Urban Design and Community Development, and after 25 years working primarily on major urban transit projects, she turned her attention to a career in art, working as a muralist, contractor for arts non-profits, instructor, and a gallery manager, in addition to showing her work in exhibitions on the east and west coasts. Sharon currently resides in Washington DC, and maintains studio in Mt. Rainier, MD. She teaches at The Art League in Alexandria, VA., the Smithsonian Associates, and Howard Community College in Maryland.



My work is driven by the desire to create a visual expression of the elements of life that connect us as human beings and illuminate the true self. I draw largely on themes addressing cultural integration, and how we define ourselves and others. By employing a mix of cultural motifs, symbols, text and representations of ethnic, religious and racial identity, I seek to blur the lines of “purity”, and reinforce the reality that we are only the latest version of many millennia of mixing, migrating and mingling. Layering materials in collage allows me to explore the richness of the fabric of life, and construct a personal interpretation of timeless themes.

-Sharon Robinson

Mt. Rainier, Maryland

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