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David Allen Harris

Artist's Bio

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, during the 1970’s. and was exposed to many artistic influences and diverse forms of creative self-expression. Back then, I took sketching in courses, but I also took many science classes. In the 1980's, I left California moving to Washington DC where I attend college.  I majored in Computer Science. I discovered room for creativity in the expression of computer software algorithms. Upon graduation, I became a software developer.   Years later I took up photography. After years of just shooting for the joy of composition, I was encouraged by local Artist Michael B. Platt to start exhibiting my work. My first show as a Fine Art Photographer was the 2007 Artomatic. I was fortunate that the DC Arts and Humanities Commission purchased several of my photographs from that show. Although I cannot call art my full time career, I can’t imagine life without some form of creative expression.



I am primarily known as a Fine Art Nature Photographer. I started out with a penchant for flowers and landscapes. In the fall of 2011, I thought about composing in a more abstract way. My reliance shifted to vivid colors and organic shapes. I started avoiding lines and perspective, I made more use of the natural layers within a scene. I thought in therms of triangles and folding three dimensional space into two dimensions. Everything is done in the camera, a lens based approach. I only play with the aperture and timing, waiting for a moment when the wind or water would yield an interesting composition.

"A Golden Fugue of Fall" took place on November 26th 2011. I had a weekly ritual of shooting pictures after Sunday afternoon guided meditation at the temple. That day I walked down into Rock Creek to take advantage of the golden rays casting onto the water. The forest was a continuous golden bown up and down the hill. I had a rapturous time shooting till the sun went down.

-David Allen Harris

Washington, District of Columbia

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