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Karin Edgett

Artist's Bio

Karin Edgett has a degree in fine arts, 6 years experience as a graphic designer, 20 years as owner and creative director of an advertising agency, 8 years as foster parent for DC teens, 5 years as co-inventor and CEO of a wearable technology that measures sun exposure, and is certified nutritional cook. Some of these experiences overlapped each other, so she is not that old.Current time is divided between nutritional cooking and abstract painting and poetry. 



A good painting is detached from expectations, perhaps even my own. Painting invites me to experience something new; enlightening, healing, spiritual, energetic, evolutionary — a panacea for right now, and perhaps some insight into what is to come.My current abstract paintings and poems are feelings of sounds and light that invite me to evolve. They were inspired in large part by the energy of Yayoi Kusama, the polka-dot queen of Japan, still creating, still evolving in her late 80's.

- Karin Edgett

Washington, District of Columbia

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