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Melchus Davis

Artist’s  Bio

Melchus Davis received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina and his Masters Degree from Trinity College, in Washington, District of Columbia.Davis has taught on all levels of secondary education, in the WashingtonDC school system. He has also taught as an adjunct staff member at Howard University and is currently teaching at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.Davis works have been shown in several galleries in the Washington area, some include Alex Gallery, Parish Gallery, Pepco Gallery, Howard University, Howard Community College. He has also been showcased in Pretoria, South Africa at the American Embassy, through the Arts in Embassy program.



My works for the most part, reveals diversity in content, though the process and technique are similar.  The work reflects Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism in style. Because of my diversity in content, I have found a need to work with different techniques to reflect my feelings for different subjects. There are times I will approach a work without an initial design or an end in mind. For me, the art of painting is much more exciting when my intuitive impulses and the medium is driving the painting.

- Melchus Davis

Silver Spring, Maryland

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