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Yasmin Bussiere

Artist's Bio

Yasmin Bussiere is an artist who has worked in many countries. She is now focusing entirely on her artwork and sharing them.

After relocating to the U.S., she participated in a group exhibition at The Yellow Cardinal Gallery and showed her work at Java Java in Charlottesville, VA.

She has taught in Saudi Arabia and China, led art workshops in Europe and sold handmade articles in France. She was a graphic designer for Le Petit Musee in Conakry, Guinea and helped Uzbek artists gain recognition with expats in Uzbekistan.

She has an Interior Design Degree from the University of Illinois and a TEFL certificate obtained in France. She was also awarded a grant by Gruntvig (E.U.) to participate in an art workshop in Florence, Italy.


'Traces" accurately describes my abstract works inspired by the Middle East and influenced by Western Africa and Central Asia. I wanted to show that beauty can be found in all cultures.

My works are done in mixed media, and I add several layers while carving out shapes and calligraphic forms. My goal is to further explore other cultures while retaining influences of past experiences.

-Yasmin Bussiere

Alexandria, Virginia

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