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Younes Ansari


Younes Ansari


I was born in 1983 I graduated with a M.A in painting in 2017. I work as a painter, illustrator and a tutor of painting. My international exhibitions are Chroma in 2019, Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas in 2020, the Endangered, Can Art Save them in 2020, and Child factor in 2021.


Who is a femme champion? Is she a queen, a political activist, an athlete, or any distinguished woman? In my view a femme champion is the one who sought for her freedom and independency. A woman who can inspire other women to show their abilities. Even it can be an unknown woman who studies or works to achieve her positive role and place in society. A woman who makes her dreams real, as every success begins with a dream.

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The Dream of Stars, Anousheh Ansari

Iranian-American engineer and scientist who is the first self-founded woman to fly to the international space station.

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Woman Portrait #1

Women's beautiful portraits were subject of paintings during history.

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Younes Ansari


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Nomad Woman #4

Nomad women have the main role in nomadic life.

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Portuguese Woman

Women reflect their nobility and their culture within their beautiful traditional clothes.

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