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Star Trauth


Star Trauth


Star Trauth is an award-winning artist and writer she received her degree in Fine Art(Mt St Joseph University, Ohio, USA) and continues to study related to her field.

Her practice seeks to attract the audience visually with a desire for tactile engagement. She’s sought to create new art mediums with environmentalism in mind, using waste paper and plastic, and converting it to a flat pliable textile. Star hand molds and flame sculpts each piece, miniature original works in their own right, then melds them as free-standing sculpture, assemblage, or wall hanging. Her work is heavily inspired by music, experiences from her adventurous life, and currently a fierce battle with cancer.

Selected solo exhibitions include ‘Art Deco Weekend’ Life is Art, Miami, Florida(2015); ‘Sublimate: Totems, Tokens, and Lore’ Vargas Gallery, Pembroke Pines, Florida(2018); ‘Star Trauth: A Solo Show’ Worldwide Art Movement Gallery, Kochi, India(2020),

Selected group exhibitions include ‘Beyond Borders’ Chang Kil Hwan Museum, Gangneung, South Korea(2021); ‘Touch’ Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois(2020); ‘Atomic Peace’ Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, South Korea; ‘Artist Statement 4&5’ Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum, Gimpo, Korea(2019, 2020); ‘20th International Competition Incheon Metropolitan City Art Exhibition’ National Arts Association Incheon Metropolitan City Branch, Incheon, South Korea(2019); ‘Florida Biennial’ Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, Florida(2018).

Trauth has crafted two books; ‘One to Five’ Lulu Press, ISBN 978-0359402670(2019); ‘Sublimate: Tapestry and Lore’ Lulu Press, ISBN 978-1387803897(2018) and has been included in many prestigious publications including, ‘Dada Centennial: Day of the Dead’ Cecil Touchon, ISBN 978-1365877308, ‘Artist Statement 5’ CICA Press, ASIN B08879JT5C, and ‘Contrastes de Forma’ Rodrigo Franzão, ISBN 978-65-001-6078-9(2020).


Star Trauth is a an experimental fiber artist that often creates new processes to complete the vision of her pieces. Her art has been in over fifty exhibitions in under five years; including Miami Art Week, Yoko Ono’s Arising, and The Florence Biennale.

Star prefers to work immersed in music to keep the purity of her vision, Trauth is meticulous when it comes to sensory engagement. She will often limit sight, sound, even diet, while engaging her pieces. Each piece is inspired by a personal experience. Her art practice draws on the ideas of abstraction, minimalism, Dadaism, the concept of ikigai, anti-consumerism, and a dedication to legacy.

Star’s art has been described as tribal and innovative, art you want to touch but shouldn’t. Her process melds ancient techniques with signature innovations. She prefers to use vintage, found, and new fibers in unison to form her creations. The inspiration comes from memory. Music purifies it. In music she sees color and original techniques unfurl. Star says, “I am creating my imagination and inviting you on the journey.”

My work explores how much my material can take before it burns to nothing. It starts as waste converted to fiber. I give it life again just to see how far I can stretch it. Literally. I hand mold and fire mold each component. Each one it’s own work of art. I assemble it into mounted or freestanding low relief sculpture. I’m taking waste from man and bending it to my will to give back something interesting and beautiful.

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Feelings Towards Elsewhere

My daughter, Marlene, has a brain tumor(since before Covid) and watching her navigate what she can and can't do and where she can and can't go is both gutting and inspiring.

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Dancing Toward A Closer Moon

I am a survivor. I’ve bean fighting my way my entire life. I’ve survived poverty, divorce, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, rape, assault, kidnapping, and now cancer. It was supposed to be a gut issue and this is the only piece I’ve done this year while I tested for what I would’ve never imagined would be a rare and aggressive cancer. Same time, I’m quite weak and not able to get out much my husband buys a telescope. I fell in love with the moon and made it a promise. When I kick this I will never pass on an opportunity to embrace experience.

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Star Trauth

United States

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Stress of Stares

When you've been violated and you make it known as I have in my artwork and writing I feel I have a responsibility to put myself out there as living as myself as authentically as possible. I feel as if I put that info out there and then live small I'm a terrible example so I live as big as I can as legacy to not lose yourself.

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I'd like to purge the hive minds that are killing the hive.

All these voices bark at me-
Open your mind so you can think just like me.
Don't you want to act like me?
Telling me how to be and what to see.
And in the end they want to be like me.

They tell me-
Fix what you say,
but my thoughts weren't broken.
Follow their feet on a road that I've already taken.
With experience and debts I already paid.
To accept their small ideals and silly notions,
from tiny minds that have never been over oceans.
Followers always barking that they are leading the way,
when they never leave their screens and social media play.
I'm supposed to check my education, experience, heart at the door,
while you sell me garbage narratives I wouldn't pick up from the floor.

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