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Les Jusino


Les Jusino


I am an Iraqi born artist, resides in VA since 2017. Armed with MA in English literature, I served the United Nations for many years trying to help communities in need. Currently I work in home/furniture design. My passion has always been with "Art and Culture”. I am currently a student at Rhode Island School of Design / RISD Continuing Education. I have a lot of galleries participations in VA and DC area. I am passionate towards supporting my community via art. Art for me is the language that people could understand without speaking.


I love painting and drawing. I am in love with bright colours, I use oil colours a lot to generate my colours preference. I capture moments to paint and remember. There is a story behind every painting I do, each artwork presents a variety of messages from hope, love and happiness. I also love drawing using black charcoal pencils; every aspect around me from home, nature, culture gives me the inspiration I need.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg


Inspirational Puerto Rican figure

The Depth Preceptor.jpg


Inspirational femme pianist

self with hat.JPG

Les Jusino

Puerto Rico

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Zuleyka Rivera

Puerto Rico Ms. Universe, 2006 Rivera

The Depth Preceptor.jpg


Inspirational femme

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