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Frank Neuhauser (FLove)


Frank Neuhauser (FLove)


As with many artists of my generation I started painting along side Bob Ross creating happy trees and only stopped when I ran out of paint. Born and raised in NYC and lured by the bright lights and the calmness of the desert of Las Vegas has allowed my analytical/creative mind to explore many endeavors. From cooking in restaurants, to helping design hotels, to creating various art pieces, as years have past I realize I love learning something new everyday, sharing blessings, and that life is always better when you live it.


This is the first time I have taken the leap to show my art outside of family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. All the women in the pieces submitted are based on people that have touched my life in some way and in most cases have had a great impact on the person that I am today. The media choice for all entries are acrylic paintings, and I tend to create in an abstract perspective, yet I always rather allow ones own vision to take in the art as the mind allows and see if it moves the viewer in any way. At the end of day, I am city kid that learned over time (sometimes the hard way) that the more you work at something the better you get, the more you help others the happier you are, and whenever Love presents itself in its any forms hold on to it as long as you can and share it whenever you can.

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Made It

There is always an awe when we see a true champion, yet it is the hard work and dedication that a person endures day in and day out that brings true success towards them. This lady has Made It and everyone who has the pleasure in seeing her perform appreciates her strength and talent that propelled her here.

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In My Skin

Being truly comfortable in ones skin is not only a great accomplishment, but serves as a model example for others to follow. She exemplifies power, strength, determination, and shines at making others better around her.

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Frank Neuhauser (FLove)

United States

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Individual Liberty

She started her life a slave and ending up truly loving the country that ultimately gave her freedom. Past any tears, welts, cuts, and internal strife, she found solace in in her flag and it was that pride that she shared and interweaved into her family to ensure they strived for better lives for themselves, their community, and their nation.

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Good Hearted

Sometimes life is just too short, and the never ending Love that someone has always given to the world ends abruptly. What we inevitably come to realize is that tremendous loss we feel does not mean that Love does not transcend and stay with all she has ever touched, making her a champion in our hearts forever.

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