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Carole Ince


Carole Ince


I am a multimedia emerging artist who is passionate about people and the stories that make them resilient and vulnerable. I seek opportunities to engage with people on the street and in public spaces for inspiration. I have been mentored and inspired by artists and teachers while taking courses at the Ottawa School of Art and painting in Provence France with Canadian artist Gordon Harrison. I am currently a member of United Art Space- virtual art community based in the UK. I have exhibited in a local gallery and currently exhibiting in a community art space. After a career in the social service sector, I continue to be curious about "community" which includes arts and culture, nature, physical spaces and how they interrelate with people.


"De ses mains" is a tribute to the many contributions by women and girls towards making the world a better place! The paintings capture the power, simplicity, diversity and relevance which intends to elicit emotional responses from unintentional memories. Inspiration is drawn from relationships and life experiences by shining light on the activities of girls and women that are often understated, automatic, intimate, private, skilled - yet seldom shared. The small scale of the paintings intentionally mimics the intimacy of the subject matter. The colors and composition imitate shining a warm light on each moment in time. Women's hands merit our attention as a rich source of non-verbal behavior to help us understand each other and make sense of the world we live in.

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Fit and Fast

Women and girls proudly practice sports recreationally and professionally

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Women played a critical part in the world wide pandemic mitigation

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Carole Ince


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Skilled Trade

Women are leading the way by participating in the skilled trade industry

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Women share their beliefs and teach us about kindness, care and giving back

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