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Carole Dubois


Carole Dubois


Carole is studio artist with a creative strength and dedication that has blossomed into her unique impressionistic style and her singular signature style that she calls "Musicalart". Carole, also states "that she paints allowing her right-brain (creative side) to take over".

Carole has been honoured on a number of occassions, including with Art Impact USA where in 2018, two of her paintings were jusry selected as Golden Artist. Also, in 2017, Carole was first recognized as a Notable Artist for her very first Musicalart painting entitled "Imagine".

Carole has also participated and been jury selected / voted for her singular impressionistic style of painting and for her singular artistic abstract style of painting.


Always inspired by nature, by music and by the creative process, I was intent on painting and showing specific paintings for this very special and "A propos" "Femme Champions" themed Artist Call.

My insperation here, was to provide creative paintings highlighting some of the greatest female singers and "Femme Champions" for this great "female endeavour" focused art exhibition.

All of these women were and are world renowned leaders, great artists and most hailed from humble beginnings. My paintngs are dedicated to them!

The Depth Preceptor.jpg


"Respect" represents one of the greatest blues singers ever and Divas, and "Queen of the blues" Aretha Franklin. Aretha, audacious and way ahead of her time, a leader and one-of-a-kind artist, represented here with her first top charting and selling single, asking her partner: to have a little respect when she comes home.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

All By Myself

Highlights the great Diva Celine Dion. the creation shows the hope, solidarity and positivity of this female singer and femme extraordinaire with a career spanning: the studio, world tours and nightly shows at the Las Vegas MGM. The oeuvre, offers the sensation of the solitute of artistc creators, especially for these women, as the song states.

self with hat.JPG

Carole Dubois


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Soon You'll Get Better

Spotlights this female superstar singer, Taylor Swift and the female strength and reassurance in troubled times (Covid19 pandemic) that things will get better. The artist sang this song on a virtual web based show during the first year of Covid 19.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

If I Was a Man (Si j'etais un homme)

This beautiful song by the splendid Diane Tell, evokes the hopes of the Femme Champion as she sings: "If I was a man, I would be a Captain, of a ship" evoking the dreams and hopes of the female gender from another era. Diane Tell is a French Canadian born singer with a world class career based in Paris, France.

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